New Star Foodservice 46878 Manual Citrus Press Review

New Star Foodservice 46878 Manual Citrus Press Review

Today we are going to review the commercial citrus juicer by New Star Foodservice, the 46878 commercial citrus juicer with an enameled black finish. Over the years New star food-service has been putting out a series of commercial manual orange press machines that have not been getting much publicity. We feel as avid juicers this is somewhat unfair as we want to give each company its due respect as long as it produces the kind of gear that we expect. So far with the 46878 juicer, we had a great experience and we feel it is a good time to give this machine a review.

New Star Foodservice Manual Orange Press Review

When we look at the 46878 new star foodservice manual orange press we are looking at a very basic and affordable manual press that basically gets the job done. Sure it’s not as fancy as the more popular Olympus Citrus Press which has more features, yet for the price range, this makes a great manual press for any beginner. Composed of quality cast iron and 18/8 stainless steel with an enamel black outer finish the orange press machine does not look to bad either!

In terms of size, this commercial orange juicer is actually quite large, you are looking at a hefty twelve pounds and in terms of dimensions, you’re looking at 9 by 7 by 23 inches. Yeah, it is on the bigger side which is why this is probably not the best machine to get if you have limited space in your kitchen. However, if you can look past that 46878 new star juicer squeezes citrus fruits flat to a pulp. This truly exemplifies what it means to have a commercial grade citrus juicer as the machine is not only large and heavy but is extremely powerful when it comes to citrus fruits. When it comes to the actual juicing process squeezing the juice out is very easy and seamless, the juicer pretty much annihilates any fruit and causes for the up-most amount of juice to be squeezed out of the juicer.

We were able to use the machine with both grapefruit as well as oranges and everyone knows how great freshly squeezed juice tastes. The sturdy lever operated squeezer makes juicing so much easier than other commercial grade citrus juicers and we would have to say that this is definitely a defining factor for us, which is ease of use. All through the press is quite basic in the build it is able to filter out most if not all of the pulp before it makes way into your juice. The clean up of the machine is very simple and can be done within a few minutes. The two-piece bottom twists out by aligning the notches and once they are removed you simply separate the pieces and clean and wash them in total ease. The top piece of the machine is also able to be twisted out for easy cleaning and allows for ease of cleaning further.



  • The juicer is made of professional quality metal with cast iron and 18/8 stainless steel for great aesthetics.
  • A full ergonomic rubberized handle which does 2,300 pounds per square inch in pressure.
  • Squeezes the most out of citrus fruit including oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and more.
  • A detachable cone and funnel parts which allow the parts to be dishwasher safe.
  • A large heavy base that includes suction on its feet for great stability during use and a nice long handle for extra leverage while juicing.


  • Very large in size and can take up some extra space in your kitchen.
  • Not very efficient in juicing smaller citrus fruits like small limes since it is designed for larger citrus fruits.

Bottom Line

Overall the new star food service citrus juicer press does a great job in squeezing large citrus fruits. When it comes to oranges and grapefruits we would have to say that it really gets the job done right. Since the press itself has a very high PSI rating that means less pressing has to be done by the actual user, so all though it is a manual press you probably will not be straining your arm at all when using this machine.

The amount of juice produced is phenomenal and is really decent for the price range. If you are on a budget and new to commercial grade juicers this beast is definitely for you. However, keep in mind the large size of the juicer as well as the fact that the juicer is not too effective when it comes to smaller citrus fruits as it is specifically designed for larger fruits on the market.

So far we have been using this juicer for the past 8 months and have been able to produce quality fruit juice at home with ease, make sure to check other Buyer Reviews before making a decision.

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